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An Eye-Opening Approach

An eye-opening approach to investment management

Elgin AMC has many years of experience in international portfolio management through our Swiss affiliate, Elgin Group LLC.

If you are interested in a serious approach to investing, or already have existing investments, we can provide answers to questions, including:

  • What is ‘safe’ when it comes to investments?
  • Does your current portfolio match your risk profile?
  • How does one structure a portfolio to achieve realistic returns?
  • Are you aware of what YOU ARE PAYING in product costs, and how potential commissions impact these costs?
  • Are you aware of the hidden costs of each investment – be it a fund or structured product?
  • Are you aware of the risks associated with your current investments?
  • Do you have a Qrops? Are you sure it is well managed?
  • How liquid are your investments (that is, how quickly can they be sold)?
  • Are there exit costs associated with either the product or the underlying funds?
  • Is your financial advisor looking after your best interests – or theirs?

Elgin AMC is a EU-licensed portfolio management company that specialises in bespoke solutions for private and corporate investors.

We realise there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to planning your investments – even more so in an uncertain environment.