Grandmaster: An Alternative to the Alternatives

Advisors today are facing some tough choices on behalf of their clients. They demand alternatives to the traditional equity/fixed interest portfolio mix yet so many alternative funds have over-promised and under-delivered. Many have suffered large losses, and others are often illiquid or, in the extreme, even fraudulent.

In an age where every investment house tries to position a new fund with “unique and special” qualities, in order to market it,  financial advisors have become very cynical and sceptical about a fund’s true value.  After all, many funds have been dubious and ended up doing everything but what was promised. 

Being unable to find a reliable, liquid and cost-effective solution from the universe of alternative funds, we created one. Years of research and proven excellence in due diligence result in one strategically conceived investment fund giving access to a small selection of elite institutional managers otherwise out of reach of retail investors.

Where Grandmaster is indeed unique is that it was initially created only for use in the alternative portion of our own investors’ portfolios, in order to give them access to top funds with very large minimum entry levels of 1M+. As a result, our analysts truly sought what we believe are the best hedge funds – most of which are used as the private pot of the managers (significant co-investment by the principals) and where the outside investors are pension funds, and not advisors or private banks. 


The documents and their contents are only intended to provide general information about the Grandmaster Fund to institutional/professional investors and/or any other authorised financial intermediary as specified in the Directive 2011/61/EU of the European Parliament (AIFMD) and within the meaning of Annex II to Directive 2004/39/EC (MiFID).

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