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 A brief overview of Elgin AMC’s Services, full descriptions can be found by clicking the respective links or through the drop down menu above.


Elgin Advisory Plus

Advisory Plus

Designed with the more sophisticated investors in mind that want to be involved in the investment process and demand expert advice when it comes to providing suggestions. Due-diligence is carried out on all A+ assets prior to being proposed as potential holdings.

Elgin Capital Management

Capital Management

If you lack the time, experience or inclination to track the daily developments of financial markets, you can delegate the management of your portfolio to us. Management is conducted according to a pre-determined risk profile with regular performance updates. For more click here


Provident Fund Services

A successful provident fund requires actuarial consulting to establish its framework and objectives, as well as serious investment managers to implement these objectives.  At Elgin, we leverage on our experience in international portfolio management to offer investment services specifically tailored to Provident Funds. For more click here

Elgin Capital Builder

Capital Builder

A structured regular savings account designed to enable investors to contribute into a range of managed, risk-rated investment portfolios in order to generate a sum of cash for the future. Suitable for supplementing retirement, setting aside funds to pay for a child’s education or simply to get started on the investment ladder. For more click here

QROPS Elgin Group


On April 6, 2006 Her Majesty’ s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) announced that individuals could now transfer their UK pensions overseas to similar pension schemes. The new schemes set up to accept theses transfers are called Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes or QROPS. For a QROPS to be recognised by the UK Government, the overseas pension scheme must adhere to certain rules. Failure to operate within these rules can lead to a tax charge upon the individuals’ pension of up to 55%.

Zeus Financial Reporting

Zeus – Financial Reporting

Financial reporting is a crucial component in running an investment portfolio to ensure you are always in touch with your assets. In the information age, nothing less than instant up-to-date information will do.
Elgin’s variety of extremely comprehensive reporting systems range from a simple snapshot of your portfolio at any given time, through to highly detailed transaction reports, P&L accounts, asset and currency breakdown complete with analysis and myriad performance data.

Elgin Profiler Pro


Profiling is a vital component in planning a portfolio, so regardless of your current provider or individual holdings, we offer free of charge a totally impartial, no-obligation analysis service that will allow you to evaluate whether your portfolio is what you think it is or not.
Factors include the purpose of the portfolio, currency exposure, asset allocation, suitability and quantitative filtering to establish the status of each holding against its respective peers. For more click here

Bulletin Board Elgin

Elgin Bulletin Board

A place to visit for ideas and inspiration from the Elgin Investment team. Traditional definitions of name-tags like Balanced, Aggressive, Defensive and Safe are becoming very blurred in the age of near-zero interest rates and a shrinking globe.
Who is to say whether a country is an ‘Emerging or Developed Market’ – what about ‘Newly Emerged’ economies or ‘Frontier Markets’. Elgin Bulletin Board is designed to present cases for and against the plethora of opportunities that exist today and identify the most efficient method of gaining exposure to them. For more click here

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