Capital Builder

Elgin Capital Builder

Structured, regular savings plans suitable for monthly, quarterly or annual contributions designed to facilitate investments into a range of managed, risk-rated portfolios in order to generate a sum of cash for the future.

Suitable for retirement planning, setting aside funds to pay for a child’s education or simply to get started on the investment ladder.

Management is conducted according to a pre-determined risk profile with regular performance updates along with pre-agreed performance goals versus any appropriate benchmarks.

Financial markets are highly unpredictable in nature and extraordinary events happen on a regular basis. This is where the expertise and experience of the Elgin team comes through.

Asset Allocation

At the heart of any investment strategy is asset allocation guided by strict parameters. These are determined by the client’s risk profile.

Custodians provide a wide range of funds to choose from. Each one has undergone a lengthy filtering procedure to assess suitability, transparency, liquidity and performance before inclusion in to one of the portfolios.

Regular monitoring and rebalancing ensures the ongoing strategic allocation and maintenance of the portfolio with tactical allocations included as opportunities arise.

In Brief

  • Wide range of risk-rated portfolios
  • Disciplined asset allocation and risk management to target stable returns
  • Term, contribution, risk profile and currency tailored to individual needs
  • In-depth financial reporting and analysis
  • A variety of plans and structures
  • Choice of secure, tax-efficient custodians
  • Access to Elgin’s research and wealth management expertise

Benefits of Regular Savings

There are many benefits associated with saving on a regular basis, here are just a few.

Dollar Cost Averaging. Fact: markets move up and down, average out the purchase price of shares by buying regularly. Particularly appropriate in the early days of a savings plan which supports the practice of a more aggressive approach during this period.

Diversification. By investing manageable amounts on a regular basis over time, from your disposable income, allows you to establish positions in a wide variety of securities you might otherwise not have access to.

Automated Contributions. Remove the pain and deliberation from making investment decisions by setting up an automated contribution system. The world is full experts with ‘what if’ hindsight, investing on a regular basis ensures you don’t get left behind.

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