What is Wealth Management?

Wealth management is a discipline that encompasses financial planning, asset management and possibly a number of other aggregated financial services.  Individuals and businesses who desire the assistance of a financial advisor call upon wealth managers to co-ordinate retail banking, estate planning, legal resources, tax professionals and investment management.
Wealth management works to further enhance the potential income, growth and tax-favoured treatment for long-term investors. Professional wealth management can help you plan your estate and invest your assets based on your own personal criteria and financial goals.

Why choose an Asset Manager?

The world of financial services can be quite a labyrinth. Even if your circumstances and financial arrangements are relatively straightforward, there are many important areas to be considered.
Purchasing unsuitable assets at the wrong time can often be a disaster and a waste of valuable resources. A reputable company will always need to firstly assess your financial circumstances in detail, confirm your short-term and long-term aims. Then – and only then – recommend the most appropriate way to achieve your objectives within an agreed risk profile.
Seeking specialist guidance from a reputable Asset Manager can help you achieve the most value from your available finances, with a carefully controlled level of risk, whatever stage of life you have reached.

Why consider Elgin AMC?

We can offer a unique proposition, being regulated and having the required licences to provide carefully planned solutions from our team of investment experts.
We have many years of experience within international investments through Elgin. We offer a serious, ethical approach to managing your investments. Elgin has grown internationally over the years with a strong client base worldwide. We have brought this international experience to Cyprus and we hope that this will be of great benefit to local investors.
We offer a highly transparent approach to investment management, with an emphasis on portfolio management and performance, rather than just choosing funds and products. We are also aware of the negative impact that fees, commissions and the inappropriate choice of assets could have on your portfolio returns. From this point of strength, we are now pleased to offer our successful investment management service through Elgin AMC.

Asset Management – the benefits

Many people ask us what Asset Management really means for them. Probably a more relevant question might be: What are the real benefits of Asset Management?
We have summarised below why we feel as an Asset Manager, our unique service can be a beneficial tool, giving you total control and peace of mind.

  • A “Complete” Asset Manager offers you:
  • A detailed analysis of your current financial situation
  • A professional `hands-on’ management approach to your finances
  • Expert guidance and support, every step of the way
  • The opportunity to build, but more importantly protect your wealth

Why consider Elgin AMC?

  • We are fully regulated and licensed in Cyprus
  • We have specialist Asset Managers, who are experts in their field
  • We are genuinely transparent, honest and unbiased
  • We can assist both individuals and corporate entities
  • We regularly take action to monitor and re-balance your investments

Savings & Investments offer:

  • The potential to achieve higher returns than deposits in the bank
  • Full diversification within a wide range of asset classes
  • The opportunity to invest with some of the most well respected companies
  • The ability to build a portfolio that meets your own risk profile
  • A flexible, tax-efficient environment for growth

Retirement Planning offers:

  • The ability to take control of your future finances
  • The opportunity to work towards a more comfortable retirement
  • A regular income stream after you stop working
  • Prospects for higher returns than typical Government pensions provide
  • Allows you to choose when and how you wish to retire

How can you help me manage my investments more effectively?

By aligning our interests with yours. Elgin’s fee-based Service Menu takes a multi-step approach to wealth management and follows a philosophy that reviews an investor’s total financial situation to ensure that their needs, goals and aspirations are both realistic and achievable. Our success is tied to yours: we understand that as long as your expectations are met over the long term you will remain a valued, satisfied client.

How will you manage my enquiry?

Once you decide that you’d like to find out more about us, a Senior Advisor will contact you by e-mail and provide any additional information you request or arrange a telephone session with you. If you already have an idea of what you are looking for, simply complete a Proposal Request to enable our analysts to offer some suggestions. Our promise is that we will start our discussions, keen to listen, with a blank piece of paper and an open mind.

How do you assess my needs?

In order to fully understand your individual requirements and Risk Profile, we have developed a straightforward investor questionnaire that will help us develop appropriate solutions for you. Part of this process is to give an unbiased assessment of what you already have in place and how it fits with your expectations. This will be taken into consideration before making any suggestions.

Will you give me options?

Potential solutions will be presented in draft form for you to consider – we acknowledge the fact that most firms make detailed proposals at this point in a bid to ‘sell’ their products. This is where Elgin differs significantly – we offer solutions – not products.

What happens next?

We will listen as long as it takes to your likes, dislikes, wants and needs until we have a workable, flexible solution whereby we can meet your expectations. From the outset, you’ll have direct access to your own Advisor and we’ll make sure you receive regular communications and progress reports on your investments with us. In addition, you will have full on-line access to view your investments at any time.

How do you accurately interpret my requirements?

To support each of our programs we have created the ProfilerPro™ service, offered free of charge, for investors to assess their current profile and appetite for risk. This professional portfolio analysis provides a totally unbiased report on the risk/reward status of your current investments.
The Investor Questionnaire is comprehensive and will probably take around 20 minutes to complete, for most of our clients this is the first time they have ever documented their true financial status and conducted a risk-assessment on themselves and the assets they currently hold. Please be assured that the information is completely confidential and will only be used to assess your financial status in order to make appropriate suggestions. Most people find it time well spent, even if only for their own records.

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