Elgin Portfolio Analysis

At Elgin we offer a thorough analysis of your current portfolio at no cost to you. Our experienced team will provide you a personalized, independent opinion on your existing investments, giving you the tools to better understand your current portfolio structure.

Analysis includes ( but not limited to) :

  • Suitability – Do your holdings truly match your risk profile? Have you considered what percentage of your net worth is exposed to each?
  • Performance –  How has one asset or manager – in the case of funds – performed against a similar security/fund and its peers? Is it time to let go?
  • Quality/Liquidity – Are they tradable if the exits start to get busy? – Are they listed, transparent and liquid?

Analysis Submission Form

Please complete the form below and upload any documents relevant to you portfolio in order for us to analyse your existing holdings.

To enable us to verify you are in a country where we can legally advise you, please provide a contact number.


Elgin AMC is  a trade name of Numisma Capital Ltd, authorised and regulated by CySEC (License Number 122/10).