From your first inquiry through to the management, support and reporting on your investments, Elgin recognises the fact that there is no one-size-fits-all in today’s investment marketplace. This is why we have designed a specific process to document your profile, analyse your situation and attitude to risk, in order to provide you with the most appropriate solution.

Change is constant, in order to ensure you can adapt to changes in your personal circumstances Elgin provides a seamless facility to move between each of the structures and strategies provided. We will ensure that our clients’ requirements are met in a personalised, timely fashion with full back-office support.

To support each of our programs we have created the “Profiler Pro™” service, offered free of charge, for investors to assess their current profile and appetite for risk. This service, in combination with Elgin’s professional portfolio analysis provides a totally unbiased report on the risk/reward status of your current investments.

There are many topics for consideration before placing cash in to any investment but these three specific areas need particularly careful scrutiny before we make any recommendation regarding investments of any nature:-

  • Structure
  • Strategy
  • Securities.

The structure of your investments is crucial to long term success and many factors prevail.

  • Jurisdiction.  Features such as tax efficiency, confidentiality, portability, marital status, nationality and cost should be taken into consideration before committing to anything. There are too many jurisdictions in the world to list – from Switzerland, Luxembourg the British offshore centres of The Isle of Man and Channel Islands to the various Caribbean centres and other such centres. Each has its pros and cons so careful selection now can avoid future issues.
  • Custodian.  Investors should satisfy themselves through their own due-diligence that the institution they entrust their assets to is financially sound in a well regulated environment. Whether you prefer a life insurance company structure (often useful for creating trusts) a bank or an on-line trading system Elgin will always recommend the larger well established organisations that are in regulated areas.
  • Account.  What does the account that holds the assets consist of ? What restrictions apply? Are trust services available? Can it hold the type of assets you want to buy ? What are the fees? A bank for example can offer several different types of account, as can a life insurance company. Elgin will be particularly diligent in this area and ensure you are made fully aware of all terms and conditions regarding fees, commitments and restrictions.